Soft Boiled ‘Goose Pate’


To make soft, or medium-boiled eggs, simply follow the instructions for
‘Hard Boiled Golden Eggs’, but let them stand in hot water for less time.

0- If you become frustrated with peeling the ‘perfect’ Golden Egg, or
just don’t want to take the time…Try a recipe that doesn’t rely on the
visual appearance of a roughly peeled egg, or invent your own!!!

1- Follow directions for ‘Hard Boiled Golden Eggs’.

2- Let eggs stand in the saucepan for less time after removing from
boil. To enjoy, use a spoon, knife, or egg cutter to remove the top of the
shell. Folks like to use an egg cup to keep the eggs upright. Don’t
forget to add a little salt and pepper. The eggs can be enjoyed with
buttered toast or salty crackers. Hot sauce is recommended!

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