Invent New Scrambled Eggs Dishes!

The Golden Goose® is a hand-powered Kitchen Gadget that lets you make scrambled eggs inside the shell.

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The Golden Goose® is one of two new and innovative Kitchen Gadgets by the Goose® brand! Launched in 2014, entertainers and folks from all over the world have used the Golden Goose to make Scrambled Eggs inside the shell. It has been featured by hundreds of blogs, in print, and enjoyed attention by some of the best TV Shows including:

  • The Rachel Ray Show
  • Food Network’s ‘Food Fortunes’
  • The Steve Harvey Show
  • DIY Network’s ‘I Want That!’
  • PBS's 'Ask This Old House'
  • Japanese National Television’s ‘Itti-Q’
  • CBS NY’s ‘The Couch’
  • WGN Chicago's Local News...

The Golden Goose ® is a hand-powered Kitchen Gadget. It has been carefully designed and tested to scramble the contents of a shell egg. Evenly mixing the egg whites with the egg yolks inside the eggshell leaves scrambled eggs in side the shell. The device uses ‘centrifugal force’ to make scrambled egg inside of its shell, creating ‘Golden Eggs’. Substitute Golden Eggs for a splash of color & flavor, or simply to amaze and delight your friends! It's an Innovation you give as a Gift to any fan of scrambled eggs. Scramble eggs in the shell, or use it as a fun novelty to explore your inner gourmet! It's the flagship product launch by Goose®  a new startup brand of fun, innovative, and useful Kitchen tools. Don't leave without also checking out our new product, the Butter Boss, and consider combining the Butter Boss and the Golden Goose Scrambled Eggs Maker to make the best Scrambled Eggs ever!

US Patent Numbers 9596877 and D743738