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Make Golden Eggs

Learn to use the Golden Goose® to make delicious golden eggs and amaze your friends!

Learn to Load the Boss

Learn to load the Boss quickly, plus tips on using, taking care of, and cleaning your Butter Boss®.

Make Golden Eggs

The Golden Goose® is a hand-powered Kitchen Gadget. It has been carefully designed and tested to scramble the contents of a shell egg. The device uses ‘centrifugal force’ to scramble an egg inside of its shell, creating ‘Golden Eggs’. Substitute Golden Eggs for a splash of color & flavor, or simply to amaze and delight your friends! It's an Innovation you give as a Gift to any fan of the humble egg. Scramble eggs in the shell, or use it as a fun novelty to explore your inner gourmet with creative egg recipes!

US Patent Numbers 9596877 and D743738




Care & Feeding Instructions

The Butter Boss® is a new kind of Butter Dish. It works like a Lip-Balm dispenser! Think of The Butter Boss as a better butter dish. With a useful measuring cap it’s great for quick measurements, and you can easily load it with the patented ‘Easy Loading Knob’. It makes a great companion to your salt and pepper shakers at the dinner table, and it’s a great gift for anyone seeking a butter way to do things. Take it with you camping or tailgating. It's the perfect grilling accessory because it's made of the same stuff as a spatula!

US Patent Number 9,596,953