Scrambled eggs in the shell!

The Golden Goose® is a hand-powered Kitchen Gadget that lets you scramble eggs inside the shell. Also check out Goose Gadget's newest invention: BUTTER BOSS® . Buy them both here while supplies last!

The Golden Goose® is one of two new and innovative Kitchen Gadgets by the Goose® brand! It has been featured by hundreds of blogs, in print, and enjoyed attention by some of the best TV Shows including:

  • The Rachel Ray Show
  • Food Network’s ‘Food Fortunes’
  • The Steve Harvey Show
  • DIY Network’s ‘I Want That!’
  • PBS's 'Ask This Old House'
  • Japanese National Television’s ‘Itti-Q’
  • CBS NY’s ‘The Couch’
  • WGN Chicago's Local News...

The Golden Goose ® is a hand-powered Kitchen Gadget. It has been carefully designed and tested to scramble the contents of a shell egg. The device uses ‘centrifugal force’ to scramble an egg inside of its shell, creating ‘Golden Eggs’. Substitute Golden Eggs for a splash of color & flavor, or simply to amaze and delight your friends! It's an Innovation you give as a Gift to any fan of the humble egg. Scramble eggs in the shell, or use it as a fun novelty to explore your inner gourmet! It's the flagship product launch by Goose® brand Kitchen Gadgets!

US Patent Numbers 9596877 and D743738