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Check out our community recipe contributions below. The Golden Goose is a novelty kitchen tool, and it inspires new a creative culinary innovations. We've added our favorite recipes to the Golden Goose Recipe book, but we're certain there are many more creative meals and dishes that can be invented with our Gadget.

And speaking of Gadgets, the Butter Boss Butter Dish is an amazing new kitchen gadget, if you have ever found yourself grabbing a stick of butter and using it like a wand, look no further! The Butter Boss is the solution to your buttery fingers. Obviously the Butter Boss is great for corn and so many other things, but did you know that you can make your own custom butter creations and then use the Butter Boss to 10present and dispense them? Imagine Herbed Butter at a picnic, or making Spicy Butter for grilling outside? Maybe you want to take it with you to the game and make grilled cheese for he kids while the family tailgates?

Don't forget to make your delicious butter recipes and take them camping with you too! We especially love how convenient and useful the Butter Boss is. So many customers tell us how much they use their Butter Boss Butter Dish on a daily basis, (we mean they use it daily, receiving compliments is nice but not so frequent). When you make your Butter Recipes, the best way to load the Butter Boss with your Butter Recipes is actually to cool your butter until it is hard, then cut into a standard butter stick shape with a knife. Check out some of the Golden Goose Scrambled Egg Recipes below, and don't forget to share with us, Give it a try!


Golden Egg

Fried Egg

< Go Back I got tired of peeling so I scooped one out and fried it in olive oil and it was good with kechup. -Brendan